Liquid Crystal Display
 Department Trend
          Nan Ya Plastics began the development of STN LCD technology in 1991. In 1994, Nan Ya constructed a fully automated factory in Taoyuan, Taiwan for the mass production of STN panels, modules, touch sensor for touch panel and color filters.
          These products are used in the following application fields: industrial control panels, medical devices, network equipment, IP phones, automotive,mobile phones and consumer products.
  Founded in March 1991.
Established prototype factory in July 1992.
Established mass production factory in December, 1994.
Mass production of 9.4” monochrome VGA in April 1995.
Mass production of 10.4” color VGA in October 1996.
ISO 9001 certified since January 1997.
ISO 14001 certified since April 1998.
QS 9000 certified since September, 2001
Established color filter & ITO factory in March, 2002.
Mass production of displays for mobile phones since 2002.
Mass production of DSTN and ASTN displays for the Automotive industry since 2003.
ISO/TS 16949 : 2002 certified since February, 2005.
Developed Polygon Display in December, 2007.
Developed Round shape Display Technology in August, 2008.
◎ Mass production touch sensor for capacitive touch panel in 2009.
◎ Develop LCD used for 3D glasses , 3D camera in 2010.
LCD Sales Dept.
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