Formosa Petrochemical Corporation
       Formosa Plastics Group is mainly engaged in the plastic industry as her primary stem; while also involved in fiber, spin & weave, dying, electronic materials, education and medical treatment fields with certain degree.
       Aggressively thrown in 6th Light-oil cracking project in recent years, except producing various petrochemical raw materials, its business extends to oil refining, light oil cracking and power plant industries. Primary production business organizations are Formosa plastics, Nan-Ya, Tai-Hwa, Formosa Petrochemical etc. more than 10 related businesses as well as with overseas investment businesses. Public businesses are including Ming-Chi Technology University, Chang-Gung Memorial Hospital, Chang-Gung University and Chang Gung Institute of Technology etc.
 Development of NAN YA Pallet Factory

▲Nan-Ya Mai-Liao BPA Plant
       Nan Ya Plastics Corp. is the world largest plastic manufacturing factory, whose polyester production capacity as well as Copper foil board of electronic material are also one of the top suppliers in the world. Nan-Ya plastics, founded in 1958, has been engaged in plastic production, plastic raw material production, electronic material and polyester fiber production.
Establishment 1979 Chia Yi First Plant built.
1998 Installation of the first compression machine with monthly capacity of 250 ton.
1999 Completion of the second compression machine with total monthly capacity up to 500 ton.
1998 Obtainment of ISO-9002 for compression products.
1999 Acquisition of ISO-14001 for compression pallet products.
2007 Installation of third injection machine monthly capacity up to 850 ton.
2000 Accredited with the Green Mark of EPA, Taiwan, ROC.
2002 Verification of ISO-9001 ( 2000 Version) by BSMI, Taiwan, ROC.
  Pallet Factory

▲Pallet production factory ( 1 )

▲Pallet production factory ( 2 )

▲Automated Warehouse, roller conveyor ( 3 )

▲Pallet collection & storage in convenience ( 4 )
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