Epoxidized Soybean Oil(ESO)


Packaging Materials 、 Artificial Leather 、 Green Materials


1. Non-toxic

Besides the approval from JHPA, PL specification B. 7, item 1 (Approval No. J-7885), also meet strict FDA requiremant, according to the stipulations on Food Additives (181.27 and 175.300).

ESO can be used in association with ESO, is in non-toxic applications. This non-toxic combination will be the mainstream in PVC processing.

2. Heat stability and Weather - resistance

The synergistic effect can be expected in case of the combination with metal series stabilizers. Thanks to the capability of the active epoxy ring to catch HCl and it's antioxidation effect against degradation. After heating and light exposure, the cross-linking among PVC moiecules can be minimized. Namely, the big-scale enhancement in both heat stability and weather resistance for PVC products can be expected.

3. Low volatility and molecule plasticizer

Much lower in volatility than DOP (about 20% of DOP), it procides better stability in PVC fiexibility. With about M. W. 1000, ESO can be regarded as a good plasticizer in PVC processing.

4. Low I. V. , Good in non- migration resistance and extraction resisitance

Low I. V., good compatibility with PVC Plastuicizers, it therefore provides good performance in non-migration and extraction resistance.

5. Waether - resistance and Low loss in transparency.


PVC Leather film,Coating and Extrusion Film for packing Non-Toxic Toner & Master batch Anti-weather Fire-retardation Non-migration Anti-foggimg Low extraction formulas

(NAN YA,May 14, 2024)

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Epoxidized Soybean Oil(ESO)