TOTM is produced by esterifying 2-Ethylhexanol and Trimellitic Anhydride. TOTM has low volatility, low migration, excellent electrical resistivity, and excellent heat resistance. Using TOTM in wires and cables meets the U.S.'s UL 62 105℃ class requirements. TOTM's mig ration and water extraction are lower than those of DIDP. Comparable to the flexibility of DEHP, TOTM has lower cold resistance. Regarding PVC plastisol, under the same flexibility, the viscosity of plastisol made with TOTM as its base is lower than that made with DIDP. Regarding stability, when comparing TOTM with DEHP, TOTM plastisol changes less, so it is considered more stable.


Wires & Cables,Leather & Clothes,Gloves, Shoes, Construction Materials, PVC Plastisols, etc.

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