Halogen Free Tg 200℃ BT Rigid CCL


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1.Halogen free & environmentally friendly, BT resin system, High Tg, High Stiffness, excellent heat resistance and dimenional stability, Tg=200℃, heat resistance>600", Td>380℃ 2.Thickness availability: 0.05~0.8mm; copper available from Toz~6oz3 3.Material T288>40', Stiffness: 22Gpa 4.In the continued pursuit of quality, costdown, and environmental-friendliness, every factory is certified to ISO-9001, ISO-14001, and OHSAS-18001


1.CPU, North Bridge, GPU FC Substrates 2.South Bridge, PBGA wirebonding 3.DDR3 flash memory chip sets 4.Thin Form Factor FC substrate 5.BGA, IC packaging substrates 6.DRAM substrate for memory card or memory modules for handheld devices

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Halogen Free Tg 200℃ BT Rigid CCL