Fine Denier multi Filament Filament


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Softech is s special fine denier multi-filament by spinning process,D/F could be 0.35,0.25,0.20,even lower than0.2d/f, the fabrics have soft and peach-skin hand feel

     1. the fabrics Characteristics:
       •  Peach-Skin Effect, No Weight Reduction
       • Better Colour Fastness, Soft Touch

       •High Density Waterproof 
       •Water Proof— >1000 mm H2O (washing 30 times)
       •Moisture Permeability — 9000g/m2/24hr 
       •Wind proof— 0.18 c.c/cm2/sec 
       • D/F Is 0.35, 0.25, 0.20

      2. Specification:
        ‧ DTY-35-55d,75-150d

(NAN YA,Sep 02, 2016)

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Fine Denier multi Filament Filament