Recycle Polyester Filament


Ecogreen have two types recycle polyester, certified by GRS,

Mechanical Base Recycled Polyester Filament   ECOGREEN®

Bottle→ Washing   →  De-labeling  →  Sortin→Grinding  →  Drying  →   Flake→ Melting、extruding  →  Pellet→Spinning→ Yarn

Well selected source of material , Ensure best quality
   ﹡Import spinning grade recycle chip from Japan
   ﹡Chips are made of clean、 well-sorted used bottles
   ﹡Whiteness is as white as regular polyester

Specification DTY:30/36,50/72,75/36,75/72,75/72/2,75/72+,75/48+,150/48,75/72FD
Chemical Base Recycled Polyester Filament  ECOGREEN® -plus

 Used Bottles→Flake→Repolymerization process→ Recycle Pellet→Spinning→ Yarn
   ﹡the same as current mechanical base
   ﹡ 50/144, 75/144/1(2) DTY
   ﹡ modified polymer: cationic dyeable, flame retardant,  anti-statics


knitting:shoes,sportswear,casual,car sheet


NO Name Feature Use
TYCWD 原材質回收(Material Base)
TYBWD 化學回收製程(Chemical Base)

(NAN YA,Sep 21, 2017)

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Recycle Polyester Filament