High clarity,High thickness PET Bottle Resin[Type No.3824]


Tairilin 3824 is a copolymeric resin with a nominal intrinsic viscosity of 0.83dl/g.

This resin posseses excellent melting characteristic, lower crystallization rate, large process window and stability during injection and stretch-blow molding.
Tairilin 3824 resin is specially designed to have inhibited crystallization rate, which is suitable
for thick parts such as 5 gallons bulk-water containers or heavy gauge sheet of A-PET.
Furthermore, the high brightness of Type No.3824 resin is especially suitable
for the cosmetic parts. 
3824resin is produced in a state of the art continuous polymerization technology and is combined with a strict quality monotoring system. The production facilities producing 3824 resin are approved by ISO9001, ISO14001 and OHSAS 18001 systems to confirm the outstanding quality.

3824 resin conforms to FDA Regulation 177.1630, and is widely used for food and beverage packaging.  3824 resin is an environmental friendly product with the important advantage of being totally recyclable.


High clarity thick bottle,Big size bottle(5 gallon container),Heavy A-PET sheet


NO Name Feature Use
3824 High clarity bottle Inhibited Crystallization rate,suitable for thick wall container with high transparency,5 gallon PET container, cosmetic bottle via injection or injection stretch blow molding High clarity thick bottle,Big size bottle,5 gallon container,Heavy-gauge APET sheet

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High clarity,High thickness PET Bottle Resin[Type No.3824]