Easy Dissolution Polyester Filament


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Diluted sodium hydorxide (NaOH) cannot be used as a solvent to carry out alkali weight reduction in regular PET. However, if the regular PET is modified into FDY, this would be made possible. Modification involves weaving FDY together with regular PET at a fixed ratio, for example, a 2:12 ratio. Two filaments of FDY are used in this weaving technique, one placed vertically and another placed horizonally above it, forming a cross-like pattern. Dissolution of FDY happens during dyeing process, where the crossing point formed by FDY disappeared, giving a micro-hole. This enables the fabric to radiate heat from the wearer, making him feel cool.


Weaving fabric:Heat-radiating sportswear

Knitting:Burnd fabrics and sportswear and shoes


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(NAN YA,Sep 02, 2016)

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Easy Dissolution Polyester Filament