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There are two ways to recycle used post consumer bottles, certified by GRS&EDF:
1. Mechanical recycling of polyester filament  (ECOGREEN®) from post consumer bottle, certified by GRS . The process involves: washing   →  de-labeling  →  sorting →grinding  →  drying  →   flaking off→ melting、extruding  → pelleting →spinning→  yarn
Selecting good sources of plastic bottles guarantees good outcome quality.
   ﹡Import spinning-grade recycling chip from Japan.
   ﹡Chips are made from clean and well-sorted used bottles.
   ﹡Color wise, the chips are equally white as ordinary ones.
Specification of FDY includes:30/48,40/12,50/72/(2), 75/36, 75/72,150/48
2. Chemical recyling of polyester filament  (ECOGREEN® -plus)
 The process involves: used bottles→washing --> delabelling --> sorting -->flaking --> drying →repolymerization process→ Recycle Pellet→Spinning→ Yarn
   ﹡The source of plastic bottles is obtained locally from Taiwan.
    * Chips are made from clean and well-sorted used bottled. *Color wise, slightly yellower than the oridinary ones. More suitable for microfiber
   ﹡ Specification of FDY includes: 20/48, 30/48 FDY
   ﹡ Modified polymer has the following chips: cationic dyeable, flame retardant,  anti-statics


Weaving,Tricot,Knitting End Used:Shoes,Sportswear,Casual,Car Sheet

(NAN YA,Sep 02, 2016)

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Recycle Polyester FDY