12,24KV Switchgear


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The newest generation
of medium voltage metal-clad switchgear is designed and manufactured in
cooperation with Mitsubishi Electric Corporation and has been fully and
successfully tested to current CNS 15156-200 and IEC 62271-200(2011) standard.

  • as it is completely metal clad and partitioned
  • as the low voltage section is completely separated from the high voltage sections.
  • as quick-make earthing switches are used for earthing and short-circuiting.
  • as the operation of all equipment is carried out with closed front panel door.
  • as simple but effective interlocking prevents operator errors.
  • as the cable terminal connections are easily visible through the front panel door.
  • as the tightly sealed enclosure protects the equipment from ingress of contamination and vermin.
  • as the circuit-breaker is maintenance-free.
  • as an exchange of the circuit-breaker is very simple.
  • as the test and auxiliary wiring fits into liberally dimensioned ducts and is easily accessible.
  • as plenty of space is available, allowing easy and fast cable connection.



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12,24KV Switchgear