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Nan ya plastics corp embossing roller having accumulated more than 50 years of production experience, and constantly develop a variety of special materials, to provide customers with better production equipment, production and demand to achieve higher added value products, there are vacuum roller,engineering plastic roller, alloy roller, iron material embossing roller,lazurite mirror silicon rubber roller,Teflon roller,belt cleaners and other compond materials, etc ..,can meet customer demand,another,we have made a number of product patents.

 Product Features:

1.Ultra-high simulation, suitable for all kinds of  high value-added products embossing processing,Such as diamond flash pattern,

   leather pattern, cloth pattern, etc.

2. No seams, can reduce the loss of bad products.

3. Lazurite silicon roller up to mirror effect, can produce mirror and ultra-transparent products.

4. Alloy roller heat transfer is excellent, it can bear up to 170 ℃ high temperature,and ensure that the pattern is clear under

    machine design speed.

5. Vacuum roller use to vacuum adsorption method to ensure that the leather material have the soft handle, to meet the high

    standards of automotive leather chairs.


1. Embossing embossing machine, tape machine, foam machine, calender etc. processing.

2.PVC, PU rubber stamping, paper embossed surface, embossed leather industry.

3. car leather chairs, furniture, bags, shoes, stationery and other embossed products.

4. The processor acid and PET foil lamination machine from the shape of the wheel with Teflon.

5. Extruder ultra-transparent mirror or film products manufacturing.

5. The conveyor belt cleaner.


NO Name Feature Use
V01 vaccum embossing rol It has excellent vacuum roller with the air permeability, with vacuum embossing machine to produce vacuum suction way, to ensure that false thickness and softness of the leather, resulting in excellent feel, enhance the added value of products. For PVC and PU rubber embossing embossing machine of vacuum for the production of automotive leather chairs, door trim, furniture, bags, shoes .. and other products.
A01 alloy roller High degree of simulation, acid, solvents and excellent heat dissipation can increase production speed, with chrome and enhance life. For a variety of fine grain high value-added products embossing pattern such as release paper, imitation Gyrosigma, coral velvet pattern, woven pattern, sticks and the like.
E01 engineering plastics High degree of simulation, and the lines can be maintained glare effect. Suitable for a variety of high value-added fine grain embossing products, such as diamond, glare pattern, patterns and other three-dimensional refraction.
L01 lazurite roller Unique silicone formula with a special mirror finish, round face up Gv50 haze above the surface roughness reach Ra: 0.08μM or less of the mirror effect.
Suitable for extrusion, extruder, producing ultra-transparent tape machine or mirror films.
Suitable for extrusion, extruder, producing ultra-transparent tape machine or mirror films.
T01 teflon roller Acid powder molding temperature, wear and excellent special effects from the shape. Copper processor suitable for strong acids, alkalis groove guide wheel, PET film from the shape of the wheel.
P01 PU rubber roller High wear resistance and elasticity. PVC film is suitable for all kinds of machines and pressing wheel contact wheel.
C01 Ceramic scrap plate Cable-chained less space easy to install, flexible control cable to the spring tension, and with a special angle design can completely seal the belt with low friction and high efficiency cleaning function. Power plant coal conveyor belt, steel mills iron ore conveyor belt, cement limestone conveyor belt cleaner and other kinds of raw, material conveyor belt cleaning.
M01 multi-material parts The use of plastic materials and technology to enhance the wear life, accumulation molding and processing technology to ensure dimensional accuracy meet the demand. ABF under printed circuit board lamination machine gaskets, wafer fab mill guide ring, silicon wafer and silicon grinder Cutting other plastic parts and other electronic machinery other plastic parts.


(NAN YA,Feb 22, 2017)

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