A-PET Sheet For Vacuum Forming And Food Packaging


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1. A-PET sheet for vacuum forming (VVG,VVD)

With the excellent characteristics of vacuum formation, transparency, high gloss, impact resistance, and chemical resistance, it is suitable for making packaging material of stationery, toy, tool, gift, and other merchandise.

2. A-PET sheet for food packaging (FVG,FVD) and Metallized A-PET sheet (MFF)

The sheet is made by non-toxic formula, and definitely ensures the sanitation of packaging. Therefore it is suitable for food packaging, (such as cold water cup and cup cover, box of chocolate, fruit, egg, frozen food, cake, candy), drug and cosmetic packaging.


1. VVG: A-PET sheet for general vacuum forming.

2. VVD: A-PET sheet for deep-mold vacuum forming.

3. FVG: A-PET food grade for general vacuum forming.

4. FVD: A-PET food grade for deep-mold vacuum forming.

5. MFF: Metallized A-PET sheet.

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A-PET Sheet For Vacuum Forming And Food Packaging