A-PET Transparent Sheets


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(1) High transparency: The 87% transparency gives the product a quality appearance and is suitable for the products requiring of high transparency.
(2) High impact: Featuring high impact and durability, the product performs perfectly at low temperature of -40℃, making it adapt to high-impact applications.
(3) Easy to process mechanically: Sawing, mold cutting, drilling and laser cutting, hot and cold bending, gluing, welding, polishing and painting are easy for outstanding performance. It doesn't whiten during cold bending, and keeps the product a bright appearance.
(4) Excellent thermoforming properties: The precision thermoforming property of the product requires no preheating, and its shrinkage rate is ~0.5%. The product possesses great deep-forming property, non-break and even thickness.
(5) Environmental awareness: Recyclable and non-pollutant.
(6) Food contact: The PET material meets lots of food regulations, such as FDA or BGA, can be used in food packaging and other applications.
(7) High chemical resistance: Stronly resistant to acids, alkali and oils from erosion.
(8) Low flammability: Good fire resistance and no combustion-supporting, the product makes minimal smoke and no toxic gases after burning.
(9) Nan Ya A-PET Transparent Sheets comply with RoHS and REACH.


(1) Display: Display shelves, Catalogue holders, Signboards, Photo frame covers and Nameplates.
(2) Processing products: Food containers, Machining, Medical products and Tranparent cases amog others.
(3) Signs: Indoor signs and printed boards.

(NAN YA,Dec 18, 2017)

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A-PET Transparent Sheets