Product Information: Nan Ya Plastics Corporation was founded in 1958. The company is subordinate to Formosa Plastics Group and is one of the largest plastics processing plants in the world. The major product line of the company consists of plastics. Polyester fiber and high technological electronic materials. To fulfill the market demands, this company has imported again fully automatic production equipment for the development of CPP Film in 0.015mm to 0.12mm thickness after the successful production of Biaxially oriented polypropylene Film(BOPP). Because of these advantages it serves a wide or can be made into compound packaging material after vacuum metalizing or through multipicate lamination with paper or with other plastic films(like BOPP after printing). Material Description: CPP Film is characterized by its low damp percolation, good heat resistance, organic drugs and oil resistance. It can be heat sealed directly, and has less specific gravity. It can be used in packaging material for moisture-proof, heat resistance, non-toxic, odorless, tasteless.


1.General film: Foods packaging(Bread, Pastries, Noodles), Wet wipes, Heat-stamping of gold and aluminum foil, Flower sleeves, Textile packaging bags. 2.Heat sealable film: For lamination, Toilet paper packaging, Facial tissue packaging, Stationery(Album covers, Inside pages of folder, Data envelope),Antifogging films, Baseball card borders. 3.Metallizable films: For foods packaging. 4.Embossed films: stationery(Album covers, Inside pages of folder, Data envelope), Aviation placemats, Diaper sealing tape, Panel protection films. 5.Others: Dicing tape, Medical sterilization, Electronic product packaging, Protection films, Twist CPP film.

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