Founded in 1958, Nan Ya Plastic Industry Co.,Ltd., a subsidiary of Formosa Plastics Group, is the world's leading manufacturer of plastic products, including plastics, chemical products,polyester fibers and electronic materials.

In order to meet the global market demand,CPP non-stretch polypropylene film is produced in Linkou, Taiwan, and the thickness of the finished product can be from 0.012mm to 0.12mm. According to different product characteristics, it is suitable for high-temperature cooking and conditioning bags, high-temperature sterilization medical films,aluminum-plastic films, laminated composite food bags, laminated composite
packaging bags, hygiene material packaging bags, stationery (photo album/photo album inner page, collection card booklet) , card sleeves, etc.) packaging materials, flower or potted flower packaging bags, and can also be electroplated and processed to produce electroplated films, becoming a multi-functional laminated composite substrate.

CPP film has the advantages of low moisture permeability, good heat resistance, good organic drug resistance, direct heat sealing, light specific gravity, etc. It can be used as a moisture-proof,heat-resistant, non-toxic, odorless and tasteless packaging material. The whole series of products comply with food safety and hygiene inspections and safety inspections by impartial units.

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1.General film: Foods packaging(Bread, Pastries, Noodles), Wet wipes, Heat-stamping of gold and aluminum foil, Flower sleeves, Textile packaging bags. 2.Heat sealable film: For lamination, Toilet paper packaging, Facial tissue packaging, Stationery(Album covers, Inside pages of folder, Data envelope),Antifogging films, Baseball card borders. 3.Metallizable films: For foods packaging. 4.Embossed films: stationery(Album covers, Inside pages of folder, Data envelope), Aviation placemats, Diaper sealing tape, Panel protection films. 5.Others: Dicing tape, Medical sterilization, Electronic product packaging, Protection films, Twist CPP film.

(NAN YA,Apr 20, 2022)

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