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 Nan Ya Plastic Injection Plant is founded in 1958 and provides customer following features:

1.The Corporation possesses more than 50 years of experience in plastic injection molding techniques.
2.Based on the long lasting development of petroleum related materials and production experience, we provide customers reasonable prices and steady and versatile sources of materials.
3.The present specifications range from 1-360 ounces, the Corporation possesses over a hundred most complete precision injection molding machines imported from Japan and Germany, together with a dedicated automatic warehouse providing customers with products for different production needs.
4.The Corporation owns a mold plant and mold maintenance facilities which provide customers with the most thorough management and maintenance.

5.With sound managing system accompanied with thorough inspection facilities and technical staff, the Corporation ensures customers steady product quality.

Through the above operating features, incorporated with vertical integration concepts and thorough implementation of managerial systems such as “ S, Q100, TPM, and educational training the Corporation has managed to attain ISO-9001, ISO-14001,OSHA 18001 certifications etc., Which provide the best confidence assurance for customers on prices, quality and delivery issues.
Our plastic injection molding products range from plastic pipe fittings, furniture and construction materials, to precision computer components, textile parts, car parts and components, yarn bobbins, medical equipment etc. and all have won customer trust and recognition. We shall cling to the business philosophy of “Breakthrough, Innovation, Completion and Perfection” to continuously supply first-class products and services. We welcome you all to become our business partners in all respects.


 Plastic Pipe Fittings

1. UPVC Fittings
2. CPVC Fittings
3. HighImpact Fittings
Injection Molding Product
1. Car Parts and components
2. Medical equipment
3. Furniture and Construction Materials
4. Textile Plastic Accessories
5. Electronics andElectric Appliances
6. Packaging Materials
7. Plastic Tools
8. Miscellaneous


NO Name Feature Use
PVC Fitting 1. Full varieties of specification.
2. Excellent quality.
1. CNS standard PVC fitting for drinking water(1/2"~10").
2. CNS standard CPVC fitting(1/2"~10").
3. CNS standard High-Impact PVC fitting(1/2"~10").
4. PVC fitting for sewerage(1/2"~12").
Car Parts &component 1. Automobile interior snd exterior decoration kits.
2. Car fliir mats.
Medical wquipment 1. Plastic parts for hospital electrical beds.
2. Clinical trolley parts.
Furniture 1. Evergreen stool.
2. Bar Stool.
Textile Accessories 1. Yarm bobbin.
Electric Appliances 1. Computer housing.
2. MRT compinents.
Packaging Materials 1. Tube ends.
2. Protective packing materials.
Plastic Tools 1. Containers.
2. Parts beis.
3. Waste bins.
Miscellaneous 1. Filter materials for sewage treatment.
2. Beach vehicle shell.
3. Sewer Chamber.


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