Calcium Silicate Boards


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(1) Fireproofing: Nan Ya Calcium Silicate Boards comprise mainly inorganic materials and are made in special process. It possess excellent fire and flame resistance, and have passed the tests of CNS 14705 Class 1 flame resistance (>5mm) and CNS 12514 1-hr fire test (>8mm).
(2) Thermal insulation: Low heat conductivity.
(3) Sound insulation: Excellent sound insulation, efficiently insulate noise > 46dB.
(4) Damp proof: No deformation under sustained damp condition, suitable for tropical climate.
(5) Stability: Excellent stability in dimensions under varying temperature or humidity.
(6) Easy to construct: The construction process does not require complicated tools but those used in regular woodwork. Nan Ya Calcium Silicate Boards can fit for suspension ceiling with screws or a glue gun to nail the bolts into the wooden frame.
(7) Good for environment: Nan Ya Calcium Silicate Boards are 100% free of asbestos fiber and harmless to human body or environment.


(1) Partitions and wall panel: The Partitions and wall panel for residence, office or other types of building.
(2) Pipeline and conduit compartment: The partition and pipeline wrapping in elevator space, staircase and equipment space.
(3) Fire walls: Partitions in public places or fireproof area.
(4) Ceilings: Indoor ceilings of flat or ornamental style.

(NAN YA,Apr 15, 2016)

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Calcium Silicate Boards