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(1) Both calcium silicate substrate and decorative surface have excellent flame retardant properties. Nan Ya Silicate Decoration Boards meet national standards, and comply with level 1 in national fire resistance (CNS 14705) verification. It can effectively slow down the spread of fire for much more time to evacuation. Thus, for the applications in decorating compartment, it is really non-flammable and safe material.
(2) There is no pungent smelling of traditional painting, no formaldehyde and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) contained in the traditional decorative materials. It can save time, labor and exempt from the complicated work of wallpaper and the whiffy smell.
(3) Nan Ya Calcium Silicate Decoration Boards are easy-processing, you can use the general woodworking tools to cut, shave off and plain, can also play (fall) nails with air gun. The construction methods are similar to that on plywood and can replace it in 90+% cases.
(4) 100% free of asbestos, Nan Ya Calcium Silicate Decoration Boards are made of green building materials.
(5) The low thermal conductivity, excellent insulation performance and lasting lifetime is very suitable for Taiwan tropical climate.


(1) Partitions and wall panel: The Partitions and wall panel for residence, office or other types of building.
(2) Pipeline and conduit compartment: The partition and pipeline wrapping in elevator space, staircase and equipment space.
(3) Fireproof wall: Partitions in public places or fireproof area.
(4) Ceilings: Indoor ceilings of flat or ornamental style.

(NAN YA,Apr 15, 2016)

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Calcium Silicate Decoration Boards