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(1) Fireproofing: Self-extinguishing, High safety.
(2) Insulation: Low thermal conductivity. Sound, thermal and electric insulation. 
(3) Damp proofing: Weather-proof, Low absorption of water, will not rot and fading in long-term usage, and especially suit for the climate of Taiwan.
(4) Stability: High stability with tiny dimension variations caused by temperature and humidity. Low specific gravity. Low weight. Firm and smooth outer skin of 2 mm thickness. Extremely well-foamed structure. Resistant to chemicals. Non-corroding.
(5) Easiness to construct: Smooth and sturdy surface is ideal for duplicate printing, pasting or reprocessing.  Particularly easy workability. Good for conventional re-processing process with automatic edge-sealing machine.
(6) Eco-friendly: Anti-insects, termite resistant. No Formaldehyde with the approval of SGS authentication (CNS 1349), Nan Ya Deluxe Vinyl Sheets pass inspection requirements of EU RoHS concerning hazard substances. Recyclable for remanufacture.


(1) Furniture: Assembly cabinet, Desk, Chair, Furniture, Kitchen stand, Door Panel of bathroom, bathroom cabinet, Outdoor leisure table, chair, etc.
(2) Construction decoration: Door panel of bathroom, Interior decoration, Flower stand, Flower shelf, Cabin, Convenient partition

(NAN YA,Apr 15, 2016)

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Deluxe Vinyl Sheets