ECO Celuka Board


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Certificate / Catalogue:


(1) No toxic, formaldehyde free.
(2) Mildew and bacterial resistant. Low absorption of water and wet resistant.
(3) Insects and termite resistant.
(4) Self-extinguishing and safety.
(5) Chemical resistant and non-corroding.
(6) Low thermal conductivity, sound and electric insulation.
(7) Requires no more painting or laminating. Will not rot, crack, or split. Easy care and low-maintenance.
(8) Workability. Easy to work with cutters, nails, screws, planers, glue and heat bending. No special tools or machine are needed when working. Nan Ya ECO Celuka Board is better than wood.


Wall Panel, Partition Boards, Interior Decorations

(NAN YA,Apr 15, 2016)

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ECO Celuka Board