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(1) Moisture-proof, Water-resistant, Termite repellent, Low water absorption ( 0.5 %↓ ): Nan Ya Inkjet Printing Color Door will not deteriorate under humid conditions for long time and thus is suitable for the sub-tropical climate like Taiwan.
(2) Self- extinguishing: Our products meet the US UL 94- V0 and CNS 7614 level 1 fire resistance.
(3) Thermal, sound, electric insulation: Nan Ya Inkjet Printing Color Door features nice thermal insulation, heat preservation and sound-proof.
(4) Grease and chemical resistant: Nan Ya Inkjet Printing Color Door will not be corroded by acids, bases and oils.
(5) Eco-friendly: Nan Ya Inkjet Printing Color Door is completely recyclable without polluting the environment.
(6) Safety: The ink imported from Europe is free of hazardous, heavy metals, halogens. PBBS or PBDES is not used during the manufacturing process in compliance with European standards (RoHS). Nan Ya Inkjet Printing Color door, certified by SGS, is free of formaldehyde and reach the accreditation standard for low-emission healthy materials, is suitable for indoor use. The ink meets A+ level (very low emission) of the French VOC Label (Émissions dans l‘air intérieur).


Doors, Kitchen stand, Interior decorations

(NAN YA,Apr 15, 2016)

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Inkjet Printing Color Door