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Plastic Door and Window Advantages 

1.     In almost every advanced European countries, including China as the policy motivates the civilization to use plastic doors and windows. In addition, for some of advanced European countries, plastic windows and doors reach the percentage of up than 70%. Even in China’s policy it’s prohibited to use wood window or steel window, and one more forward in order to decrease the aluminum usage percentages, and promoting the plastic window door. (Due to the fact that the plastic window besides can save the energy well, the electronic voltage in the process of manufacturing won’t spend the power as much as the aluminum metal ones).

2.     Recycle building material

PVC plastic can be recycled unlimited times, moreover, it can’t affect the environment pollution, achieved Taiwan area environmental protection equipment industry’s guild deliberation by certificate (environmental protection equipment standard certification – ID 0016).

3.     Energy Saving Building Material ( Save Energy )

Plastic Doors and Windows’ heat resistance is good, due to the heat pass coefficient reaches only aluminum material 1/1250 time, if the heat pass coefficient is lower, then the heat can decrease the cold and hot power loss (heat pass coefficient plastic is 0.14kcal/ c, aluminum is 175kcal/ c). Wherever there’s one building has air condition remote’s architecture, the other rooms’ power transmittance will be loss, through doors windows leakage percentage is 37%, in order to maintaining room’s cool weather, we need to choose windows doors which heat pass coefficient are low. According to doors windows, frames’ material and glass affected the heat as the most important affect, and frames’ material take up the windows doors area up to twenty percent, and plastic doors windows in the construction derived double hollow style, and through several spaces, coefficient can be lowered down, we made up at general similar area’s requirement, our plastic doors windows heat resistance is better than aluminum ones, it can save the energy waste more than 20% due to the coefficient heat pass is low, another surface can’t produce any condensation appearance (metal material can be condensation, even water leakage, damaged broken).

4.     Excellent sound insulation

In the structure special designed using double hallow style, inside of it there’s partition of several small spaces, good sound insulation, and through the test experiment if we use 5mm single layer glass, the sound insulation averagely will reach 25db, using stratified glass or airtight windows’ sound insulation rate can reach up to 30db, and much better than common general single layer designed metal frame ones.

5.     Anti-corrosion

It can’t be affected by any PH medical goods, exhausted gas, salt’s corrosion, another type of anti corrosion type, moreover, it’s suitable for tropical countries weather, and it has been used widely into the construction of factories, apartments, villas and schools.

6.     Anti-Fire

Plastic Windows Doors and Aluminum ones are similar with the ability of anti fire constructed useful, another special characteristics are un-spontaneous combustion, un-combustion, self-extinguishing, it can’t be due to fire burning that can caused the dangerous things happened (a general fire burning temperature reaches up to 1100 degrees, however, the aluminum only can reach 700 degrees).

7.     Weathering

Plastic Doors Windows uses the special material, for the raw material added with anti UV material and low temperature anti shock high end material, can be used permanently on the temperature between -10c until 60c, for example, hot temperature, moist, extremely cold. For European markets it has been quite welcomed in the civilization for more than 50 years, otherwise, it has been more than 20 years for the usage in Taiwan.

8.     Excellent Watertight and tightness

Besides the plastic windows doors absorbent percentage small than 0.1%, the structure frame material passed through cared designed, aperture has soft PVC and anti wind rain strip, tightness can reach the level of 2-8 (2-8m3/ hr m2), the watertight can reach 35-50 another level (35-50kgf/m2).

9.     Strength

The frame material construction is designed with special one, based on CNS-6400 pressure level 160, 240, 360kg/m2 passes through computer accounts, and based on different pressure is making it to get into reinforced steel and lock it up, making it the floors’ level highness special reinforcement can reach up to 480kg/m2. Ebook.





For a variety of building room door and the bathroom door and exterior doors.

(NAN YA,Mar 30, 2016)

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