Neuma fire rated door


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1, According to CNS11227 provisions, up to 900 degrees in flames, the burning for an hour, the door on the back of the need to maintain the temperature is below 260 degrees.The Nan-Ya fire door may be lower than 120 degrees below, far exceed the current regulations and standards,    fire resistance than iron heating effect.  
2, The domestic economy section 60A fire rating certification, but also through the United States UL, the British BSI certification fire, anti-destructive  testing.  
3, For Taiwan humid climate, acid and alkali salt oil has a special function to prevent, easy maintenance, anti-scratch, anti-spots,anti-corrosion,anti-  rust, security,high impact.



Suitable for all kinds of building door, entrance door, public space escape door.

(NAN YA,Mar 30, 2016)

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Neuma fire rated door