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Product Features:
1、Good air tightness, air tightness level: Level 2 (2m3 / hr㎡), in line with CNS 2 level).
2,、Good water tightness, watertight Level: 100 Level (100kgf / m), in line with CNS 100 rating).
3、Sound insulation, the Interior green building materials certification mark of 36dB.
4、Impact resistance, low thermal expansion, fire resistance.
5、Non-corrosive, free from any acid, gas, sulfur, salt eroded.
6、Low-carbon materials, the carbon dioxide emissions of only aluminum extrusion materials 1/9.
7、Non-condensing, like aluminum windows will not have condensation condition.
Energy-saving features:
1、Low thermal conductivity, PVC plastic thermal conductivity k is only 1/1250 k value of aluminum, the lower the k value the better for insulation.
2、The heat transfer through a low, PVC plastic heat transfer rate through U value of 1.4w / ㎡.k much lower than the aluminum windows 3.5w / ㎡.k for window insulation and energy-saving air conditioner has excellent ability.
3、Llow-carbon materials, the carbon dioxide emissions of only aluminum extrusion materials 1/9.
4、Green building materials, the material can be recycled indefinitely, without producing paint, electroplating, the manufacturing process relatively free of heavy metal pollution.
5、Access to the Ministry of Interior Building Research Institute issued "green building materials, high performance soundproof" mark up to 36dB.


For a variety of building windows, sliding window,awning window, fixed window, curtain walls, the kitchen door, louver window, gliding pation door, patio door,kitchen ventilation,folded windows .

(NAN YA,Mar 30, 2016)

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