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Product Information: Established in 1958, Nan Ya Plastics Corp.( Nan Ya) is a global leader in a variety of business in the plastics, fibers and electrics industries. Nan Ya Plastics 3 rd division has been marking an enormous commitment of manpower and money to develop synthetic papers to replace natural wood pulp papers since 1991.Though this extensive R&D program, Nan Ya successfully produced high quality, cost-effective synthetic paper on May 1998. We proudly gave our synthetic paper the trade name “PEPA”. And persists the creed of “Down to the root”. Through rigorous quality control and sound philosophies of management(breakthrough, innovation, completion and perfection),The excellent quality of Nan Ya “PEPA” are highly accepted by the market. Currently, Nan Ya “PEPA”are extensively used in more than 60 applications, and we are becoming strong candidates in the synthetic paper marketplace. The future mission of Nan Ya “PEPA”will be focused on replacing the lamination of natural wood pulp papers and plastic films, and high quality art papers. Material Description: 1.Possess excellent product feature: With better performance of water resistant, foldability, tear resistant, Durability, in comparison with general papers. 2.Possess smoothly processing features printing: Folding, embossing, punching, extensive applications. 3.Provides with excellent printability: High print resolution,good ink-dried ability. 4.Provides with variety grades, thickness, density and extensive applications: To content woth customer’s demends.


1.Labels: Pressure sensitive label, Wrap around label, In-mold labels for injection molded, In-mold labels for blow molded. 2.Coated base films: Inkjet media, Digital printing media, Substrate for thermal sensitive paper, Substrate for release liner. 3.Commercial printing: Advertisement, Posters, Banner, Business cards, Catalogue, Manuals, Brochures, Calendars, Coupons, Flyers, Murals, Graphics, Tags, Maps, Tourist maps, Menus, Promotion flags, Publication, Wall charts, picture. 4.Packaging films: Raw material bags, Bags of salt, Shopping bags, BOPP card bags, Flower sleeves, Wrapping paper, Foods packaging, Hotel bathroom articles packaging. 5.Others:Taps(Protective film, Sticky roll tape, Permanent sealing tape, Sealing tapes and fixing tapes),Isolation material(CD isolating paper, Folder isolating paper, Electronic material isolating plates), Lamination materials (Table mats, Glass cutting board, Face stock), Inside pages of album, Bottle cap inner seal liners, Facial mask liners, Release liners(Heat seal connector release liners, TPU release liners).

(NAN YA,Apr 19, 2022)

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PP Synthetic Paper