Fabric Backed Vinyl Wallcovering with Flame Retardant


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PVC laminates are created by professional designers by using the computer to achieve fine texture and color, which could efficiently elevate the space and its value. PVC membrane with strong mesh as its back cloth is strong and durable against abrasion. It does not shrink and is a semi-permanent decorative wall material. NAN YA flame retardant wall covering membranes can replace the traditional defects of wallpaper. It meets the flame retardant safety requirements for public sites. It is used as a decorative material for various kinds of building decorations.


The major use is for wall decoration. 
1.Public place :  office building, hospital, hotel, restaurant, MOTEL, KTV entertainment and so forth. 
2. Residence :  building interior, wall decoration, beautifying decoration engineering. 

(NAN YA,May 31, 2016)

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Fabric Backed Vinyl Wallcovering with Flame Retardant