PVC Decorative Film(For Metal Plate Laminates)


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The company is specialized in research and development of printed PVC sheeting with all sort of wood grain, marble grain….. and so forth applying to lamination with metal plate. We can supply either high glossy or non-high glossy PVC sheeting based on customers' requirement, and provide customers with recommendation of design pattern, emboss texture and color combination.


1.Refrigerator, laundry machine, electronic rice cocker, drinking fountain, microwave oven, fumes extractor device.
2.Interior, partition, cabinet door board, cupboard of department store/various stores, counter, sample showcase, display rack and so forth.
3.Both printed PVC sheeting and PET-G film laminating with steel metal plate for multiple purpose field of vessel, yacht, airplane, sightseeing bus, city bus, MRT, HSR and so on.
4.Metal plate decoration material for metal utensils, metal door, elevator, metal upholstery and so forth.

(NAN YA,May 31, 2016)

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PVC Decorative Film(For Metal Plate Laminates)