PVC Masking film of electronics grade


Optical and Package 、 Printed circuit board

Certificate / Catalogue:


1.Applicable for adhesive coating with solvent and UV reaction types.
2.Consistent thickness,minimum fish eyes and contamination.
3.A variety of thickness,width,hand and color available.
4.Appearance option can be glossy,semi-glossy and matte finish.
5.Excellent in properies of MD/CD rate,solvent resistance and anti-acid/alkali.


For masking film use which is to protect various products after it is coaed with adhesive:
1.Electronics grade wafer dicing.
2.Soft or rigid printed circuit board.
3.To etch dicing on glass.
4.Mirror face stainless steel plate,cabinet and household electric appliances.

(NAN YA,Aug 31, 2016)

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PVC Masking film of electronics grade