PVC Sheeting for Advertisement


Certificate / Catalogue:


1.Flexible PVC sheeting for advertising and a fine labeling has a fine surface quality applicable for acrylic board,glass,all sorts of plastic board,tarpaulin backlight and computer printout.
2.It also has natures of moistureproof, abrasion resistance,solvent  resistance, chemical resistance,and is applicable for allsorts of advertisement and label.
3.PVC sheeting for computer printout use has fine surface tension and good print-ability applicable for vehicle decoration, wall decoration, shopwindow sticker, exhibition indicator, and advertisement. The product reveals an excellent identification, publicity, and beautiful to look at.


The major products  are used for department stores ,super markets,gas stations,buses, and MRT advertisement and signboard. Weather resistance products are used for outdoors signboard and container advertisement.

(NAN YA,Aug 31, 2016)

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PVC Sheeting for Advertisement