Plastic Pallet-Customized


Over the past century, the earth’s resources have been excessively exhausted. The extensive use of wooden pallets by factories has led to the massive tree logging and the reduction of  the huge forest, resulting in the global greenhouse effect and a serious impact on the environment.


Advantages: There are no nails that can damage packaging, no fumigation is needed, and it is pest-free, maintenance-free and recyclable.

Features: Lightweight with a high carrying load, available in customized designs & a full range of specifications, strict management & good quality, and high-efficiency logistics. We sincerely invite you to visit our website and inquire about our trustworthy plastic pallet brands and prices.


Plastic pallet typs:

1. Freezer type pallets:
Meeting the customer’s requirement of storing the pallets in cold and refrigerating environment. (customized ultra-low temperature of -60 ° C).

2. Medical & chemical type pallets:
The medical & chemical type pallets feature the advantages of easy loading and haulage operation.

3. Food & catering type pallets:
Food & catering type pallets are easy to clean and can safeguard food safety and sanitation. For catering services, model DC-120100-150 E/CP is highly recommended.

4.Conductive, static dissipative & antistatic type pallets:

Customized design: The conductive pallets are available with a surface resistivity of 1051012Ω/sq depending on customer’s requirements (custom-made).

5. Reinforced type plastic pallets:

Customized design: The new patented models inserted with the steel are suitable for the high load application. (custom-made).

6. AS/RS pallet:

Suitable for AS/RS to improve the incoming/outgoing operations.

7. One-way shipment:

No fumigation needed, properly concerned with environmentally friendliness & pest-free.


Precautions for the use of general type pallets:
1. If the pallet is used to store bulk commodities, you may need to install protective fencing or properly bundle the commodities to ensure operational safety.

2. If the pallet is used to store oil barrels, be sure to install protective fencing that exceeds more than 1/2 the height of the barrel and store the barrels upright and avoid laying the barrels horizontally.

3. When using a forklift to handle the pallet, please insert the forks at the center of the openings. During haulage operations, please incline the forks slightly upward to ensure smooth haulage operation and extend the service life of the pallet.


NO Name Feature Use
Reinforcement FCJ-120100-155-S E/C With different load demand of customers, we can provide series reinforcement plastic pallet. 1.Size(mm):Length 1200, Width 1000, Height 155
2.Single side/ 4 Way
Conductive All Types The conductive pallets are available with a surface resistivity of 105〜1012Ω/sq depending on customer’s requirements (custom-made).

(NAN YA,Mar 07, 2023)

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Plastic Pallet-Customized