Integral Skin-foam Sheets (Celuka)


Certificate / Catalogue:


(1) Resistant to wear, water, weather, fading, chemicals and insects. Will not rot and corrode. Self-extinguishing (UL 94V-0)
(2) Low thermal conductivity, sound and electrical insulation.
(3) Low specific gravity and weight, firm and smooth skin of 2mm with extremely well-foamed structure.
(4) Work, process, print, duplicate and paste easily.
(5) Nan Ya Integral Skin-foam Sheets (Celuka) comply wtih RoHS and REACH.


(1) Furniture: Cabinet, Desk, Chair, Kitchen counter, Door panel of bathroom, Outdoor leisure table, chair, etc.
(2) Advertisement: Bulletin board, Fairground, Store window display, Computer lettering.
(3) Construction decoration:  Interior decoration parterre, Cabin, Convenient Partition. 
(4) Others: Laboratory desk, Automobile floor, Boat, Icebox, Cable/wire tank, Industrial products.

(NAN YA,Apr 15, 2016)

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Integral Skin-foam Sheets (Celuka)