PVC Foamed Plate


Certificate / Catalogue:


(1) Light-weight, bright, abrasive and corrosive-resistant, chemical and water-proof, good insulation and reusable.
(2) Weather-resistant, anti-insects, superb in long time storage.
(3) Smooth surface, easy for washing and maintaince.
(4) Low specific gravity, easy for installation, saving time and labor.
(5) Nan Ya PVC Foamed Plates comply with RoHS, REACH and UL 94V-0.


(1) Wall finish of partition for residence, office and public utilities.
(2) Door panel for bath room, inner wall of building, floor and prefabricated house.
(3) Door panel of room, clean room, and curtain wall.
(4) Partition, table surface, and corrosion-proof engineering.
(5) Flat board for screen printing, signboard for advertisement, building material and landscape.
(6) Base board for picture frame, and insulation for barn and laboratory.
(7) Cooling insulation material for container, freezer, vessel, fishing boat, and yacht.
(8) Wall material for cooling storage and cooling conduct.
(9) Partition board for supermarket, bracket of department store, various cabinet board of furniture.
(10) Other usages: form panel, ditch panel, spots material, aquioltural material, wave-resistant on seashore, waterproofing, art board, and convenient partition board.

(NAN YA,Apr 15, 2016)

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PVC Foamed Plate