PVC Opaque Plates


(1) Corrosion-proof: Nan Ya PVC Opaque Plates particularly feature strong chemical and corrosive resistance, which best suit corrosion-proof equipment in chemical industry. 
(2) Easy processing: Nan Ya PVC Opaque Plates are easy to cut, weld and bend. It can be easily processed to various applications without special tools or technology.
(3) Strong durability: Due to its toughness, lightness and resilience, its durability excels any other plastic materials. 
(4) Reasonable price: Nan Ya PVC Opaque Plates are the most ideal corrosion-resistant materials for industrial purposes at reasonable price and low processing cost.
(5) A great variety of beautiful colors are available, and can be used to plain or embossed surface.
Nan Ya PVC Opaque Plates comply with RoHS, REACH and UL 94V-0.


(1) Chemical industry: In washing sink, chemical barrel, tank, oil tank, storing tank for brewing water, acid-alkali synthetic tower and photo-developing instruments.
(2) General industry: In cooling tower, air washer, cover for ventilator, water tank, combined dust remover, lining of cement tank and windshield for motorcycles.
(3) Electrification and electrical industry: In electronic tower, battery box, electrometer plate, upper cover, under plate for radio set as well as plates for electrical insulation.
(4) Air conducting pipe engineering: air conducting or exhausting engineering as high (low) speed air conducting, central system of air conducting. Intake (Exhaust) air conducting, and cycling air conducting engineering operations.
(5) Others: In stationery, materials, building and miscellaneous processing.

(NAN YA,Apr 15, 2016)

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PVC Opaque Plates