PVC Transparent Plates


(1) Nan Ya PVC Transparent Plates have good transparency, can be applied to the products require high transparency. 
(2) Various kinds of color can be blended according to the client's demand without effecting transparency. 
(3) It is convenient for embossing work so that products can be used in various applications. 
(4) It is compatible with ink, which becomes the good material in printing process. 
(5) The products are easily processed. The processing methods for Nan Ya PVC Plates are very similar to that for acrylics. All processing equipment for acrylics can be used directly to process Nan Ya PVC Plates.
(6) Nan Ya PVC Transparent Plates comply with RoHS, REACH and UL 94V-0.


(1) For decoration purpose: Face plate for photograph frames, material for jewelry processing, transparent box, jewelry case, show rack, etc.
(2) For special purpose: Screen printing, nameplate, color painting, relief sculpture, partition sheets for indoor use, etc.

(NAN YA,Apr 15, 2016)

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PVC Transparent Plates