PU Synthetic Leather


Packaging Materials 、 Medical Materials 、 Artificial Leather 、 Articles of clothing 、 Printed and Stationery 、 Toy Dolls 、 Sports Equipment 、 Building Materials

Certificate / Catalogue:


1.Exccellent hydrolysis & weather resistance, 10 years hydrolysis durability. Pass jungle test at 70℃ x 95%RH  x over 10 weeks.
2.Good flexing property. Pass flex test 300,000 cycles at 25℃ and 30,000 cycles at -10℃.  
3.Weight light,32% less than leather and 40% less than PVC.
4.Soft and good touch like genuine leather.
5. Smell like genuine leather.
6. Environmental-friendly materials : Meet ELV、VOC、RoHS、REACH request.  
7.Good color fastness property.          
8.Inflaming retarding:can meet CA-117,MVSS-302,BS5852(PART1 ,PART2).  
9.Good mildewproof property.


Car seat                 
Car interiors   
Bike seat         
Sports equipment 
Yoga mats  
Wall decoration
CMP Polish Pad
Sports Gloves(Golf, Baseball,etc)        
Electronic product decoration
For Logo heat stamp used

(NAN YA,Jun 02, 2016)

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PU Synthetic Leather