Hemodialysis Blood Lines


Medical Materials


1.Factory is certified to ISO-9001, ISO-14001 and ISO-13485
2.Comply with RoHS and REACH
3.Biocompatibility tests according to ISO-10993 and USP VI
4.Suitable for EO and steam sterilization
5.FDA DMF No.26526


1.Hemodialysis Main Tube
2.Hemodialysis Pump Tube
3.Drip Chamber,Dialysis Connector
4.Female Luer Lock,Injection Site
5.Spinal Needle Tubes
Specifications Reference
Note.1kg/cm2=14.223 psi
Other Compounds

·         Rigid Compounds for Extrusion

·         Rigid Compounds for Injection

·         Flexible Compounds for Injection

·         Flexible Compounds for Extrusion

·         CPVC Compounds

·         NSF Grade Compounds 

·         Hemodialysis Blood Lines

·         Medical Compounds for Infusion

·         Medical Compounds for Rspiratory

·         Medical Compounds for Drainage

·         Medical Compounds for Feeding


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Hemodialysis Blood Lines