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Certificate / Catalogue:


1.Factory is certified to ISO-9001,14001 and 13485.
2.Comply with UL94-V0
3.Comply with RoHS and REACH
4.Thermal Resistance
5.Customize Compounds Design 


1.Thermal Resistance Grade:Fittings ,Valves,Flange 
2.Profile Exreusion
Specifications Reference
Other Compounds

·         Rigid Compounds for Extrusion

·         Rigid Compounds for Injection

·         Flexible Compounds for Injection

·         Flexible Compounds for Extrusion

·         CPVC Compounds

·         NSF Grade Compounds 

·         Hemodialysis Blood Lines

·         Medical Compounds for Infusion

·         Medical Compounds for Rspiratory

·         Medical Compounds for Drainage

·         Medical Compounds for Feeding


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CPVC Compounds