Capacitive Touch Sensor


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Nan Ya With a complete ITO sputtering, metal sputtering and photo process technology capability to meet customer needs with different application and touch IC used. So We can providing diversity capacitive touch sensor glass.
Nan Ya can supply capacitive touch sensor glass  specifications  as follow‌ing:
1. Structure: Metal Bridge SITO Structure, ITO Bridge SITO Structure,one glass solution and double-sided structure ITO (DITO) different production structure.
2. The substrate thickness: 0.33mm, 0.4mm, 0.5 mm, 0.7 mm and 1.1 mm.
3. ITO resistance: Can provide 5 ~ 500 Ohm ITO surface resistance design.
4. Special treatment: having a refractive index matching (Index Mach Layer) technology, significantly reducing the ITO pattern visiability.


1. Smart phone, GPS, PAD,Smart Watch etc.

2. Control panel for machine, equipment, ATM etc.

3. Automotive, medical , Aviation application etc.

(NAN YA,Apr 06, 2016)

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Capacitive Touch Sensor