Engineering plastics PBT, PA6, PP, PET, PC, PA66, HTN, PPE


NAN YA accumulation 30 Years of engineering plastics production technology and experience from basic resins and fiberglass, mineral fiber, various kinds of additives, such as vertical integration of raw material to the finished product, from technical expertise of personnel to Germany advanced twin-screw equipment manufacturing, quality controlled production process, widely praised by all manufacturers.

Product has superior mechanical strength, high heat resistance and low shrinkage after the injection process, a wide range of applications.

Product Characteristics:

NAN YA PBT Engineering Plastic Characteristics

  1. High mechanical properties with excellent durability.
  2. Good heat resistance qualities, ul long term heat resistant temperature 140℃,heat deflection temperature 58/210℃.
  3. Excellent electrical properties.
  4. Good weather resistance and chemical resistance.
  5. Low moisture absorption and high dimensional stability.
  6. High abrasion resistance.
  7. High crystallization speed, excellent formation properties, and ease of flowallow production into thin films.
  8. Shiny texture and good coloring properties.
  9. Conforms to UL 94 V-0 flammability standards.

NAN YA NYLON 66 Engineering Plastics Characteristics

  1. NYLON 66 has a lower moisture absorption rate than NYLON 6.
  2. High rigidity and high heat deflection temperature for injection molding.
  3. Used for components requiring both high Rigidity and high toughness.
  4. Low warpage and good surface for use as large external casings.
  5. Products requiring flame retardant materials.
  6. Products requiring strength, precision, anti-heat deflection and flame retardant materials.
  7. Impact Resistance and quick molding.

NAN YA PET Engineering Plastics Characteristics

  1. Excellent Strength and Rigidity.
  2. Excellent Heat Deflection.
  3. Excellent Balance of Impact Strengths.
  4. Excellent Electrical Resistance.

NAN YA NYLON 6 Engineering Plastics Characteristics

  1. High toughness and excellent impact resistance.
  2. Abrasion resistant and self-lubricating.
  3. Good heat resistance, flame retardants, self-extinguishing.
  4. Air barrier properties, excellent chemical resistance.
  5. Suitable for products that require strength, precision, anti-heat deflection.

NAN YA PP Engineering Plastics Characteristics

  1. Low Specific Gravity and low Water Absorption.
  2. Low-cost and high Moldability.
  3. Excellent Water Resistance and Heat Resistance.
  4. Balanced Mechanical properties.
  5. Excellent Electrical properties.
  6. Weather Resistance and Hydrolysis Resistance.
  7. Conforms to UL 94 V-0 Flammability Standards.

NAN YA PC Engineering Plastics Characteristics

Among the engineering plastics, PC has the most characteristics and balanced properties. Primary characteristics are:

  1. Excellent mechanical strength, especially in impact strength.
  2. Excellent electricity insulation properties.
  3. Retains excellent physical properties from low to high temperatures, applicable in wide ranges.
  4. Excellent dimensional stability with minimal influences from temperature and moisture.
  5. As it is a type of colorless and transparent material, it can be colored to make products with shiny colored surfaces.
  6. Has self-extinguishing properties and flame retardant effects.


Suitable for injection molding processing methods applied to electronic and electrical parts , automobile, locomotive, , household appliances, leisure and sports equipment, power tools, industrial products, industrial parts, such as connectors, relays, lights, cooling fan, power window motor, etc.                                                             

(NAN YA,Jan 05, 2018)

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Engineering plastics PBT, PA6, PP, PET, PC, PA66, HTN, PPE