PVC Water Stop


Building Materials 、 Dry water retention

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(1) Various shapes are designed by experts, many types of complex structures can be appropriately selected, and strongly adhered to concrete, completely waterproof.
(2) Made of special PVC recipe, stainless, no rot, tough and flexible, long buried in concrete is not subject to acid, alkali, salt and other corrosive erosion.
(3) Nan Ya PVC Water Stop is more convenient than other materials in lightweight, packaging, transportation and installation.
(4) It can be cut with a utility knife, welded with torch and same material, rapidly installed with good results, Nan Ya PVC Water Stop is the best waterproof construction material.


(1) Electricity Development: Dam, Drain, Canal, Sand Basin, Power Station, Reservoir.
(2) Bay & River: Breakwater, Retaining Wall, Caisson, Bank.
(3) Railway & Highway: MRT, High-speed Railway, Tunnel, Viaduct, Subway, Waterway, Cavern.
(4) Water Conservancy: Intake Gate, Reservoir, Drain, Bifurcation Gate, Open Ditch Irrigation.
(5) Mansion & Building: Basement, Pool.

(NAN YA,May 04, 2016)

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PVC Water Stop