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Building Materials 、 Dry water retention

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(1) Durability: Nan Ya Plastic Piling is made of reinforced plastic composites, with the nature of excellent compressive and impact resistance. It will not corrode and can last for 50~70 years. 
(2) Economy: The cost for plastic piling is 30% less, and the constructive efficiency is 5 times higher than traditional materials. No difficulty will occur because traditional steel piling driver can be used without any change. 

(3) Eco-friendly: Nan Ya Plastic Piling is more multi-functional and eco-friendly. The plastic piling is free of lead and plasticizer; Compared to reinforced concrete construction (RC), causing serious contamination, Nan Ya Plastic Piling is the best substitution.


Major Purpose of plastic piling
(1) To protect the seawall revetment.
(2) Revetment at recreational area or yacht dock.
(3) Fishing port, drainage levee, dust blockage levee.
(4) Landscape revetment at recreational fishing area.
(5) Retaining wall, drainage culvert.
(6) Highway, path in forest, banked road.
(7) To protect bridge pier, to prevent the pier from washed away.
(8) Gravity type retaining wall.
(9) Brook, lake, seashore slope protection, dissipating waves, blockading tides.
(10) Change the flow direction of lakes and streams.
(11) The sand pool and ponds at golf course.
(12) Support for the reservoir’s filter plant, engineering under deep water.
(13) Retaining wall at landfill site.
(14) Maintenance and security of earthworks at construction site.
(15) Cofferdam for blockading water.

(NAN YA,May 04, 2016)

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Plastic Piling