Investor Relations

Major Internal Policies

title date Download
Principles of Corporate Governance 2021/12/16
Rules and Procedures of Shareholders Meeting 2021/07/27
Rules for Election of Directors 2021/07/27
Risk Management 2020/12/16
Self-Evaluation of the Board of Directors 2020/08/10
Remuneration Committee Charter 2020/08/10
Principles of Corporate Social Responsibility 2020/06/12
Rules Governing the Scope of Powers of Independent Directors 2020/03/18
Audit Committee Charter 2020/03/18
Rules & Procedures of Board of Director Meetings 2020/03/18
Policies & Procedures for Financial Derivatives Transactions 2019/06/12
Procedures of Endorsements and Guarantees 2019/06/12
Procedures for Acquisition or Disposal of Assets 2019/06/12
Procedures for Loaning Funds to Other Parties 2019/06/12
Standard Operating Procedures for Dealing with Directors' Requirements 2019/05/10
Articles of Incorporation 2018/06/19
Rules for Encouraging Reporting of Unlawful of Unethical Behavior 2017/12/28
Procedures for Preventing Insider Trading 2017/08/02
Code of Ethical Conduct for Directors & Managers 2016/06/23
Principles of Ethical Corporate Management 2015/06/23